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Description automatically installs a bootsplash. It works with latest Kanotix (2005-04 and newer)!


for those people who don't even know what a boosplash is ;-)

Silent_splash Verbose_splash


Do the following as root:

su (password) cd /usr/local/bin wget -N chmod +x Then the bootsplash (default-theme: Kanotix) will be installed with default-settings (adapted for Kanotix). The bootsplash-resolution will be set to 1024x786 (default), if you wish to change this do the following:
dpkg-reconfigure bootsplash
(answer all questions with the default value, just change the desired resolution)
After that you can test your new bootplash by rebooting. If everything works well you could also install other bootsplash-themes:
apt-get install bootsplash-theme-THEMENAME
(e.g. bootsplash-theme-debian-tux)
dpkg-reconfigure bootsplash
(select the desired theme and answer all the other questions with the default value)
Do a reboot and the new one should be used.

If you are looking for themes, here you find screenshots of all available bootsplash-themes:


Do the following as root:

Note: The script doesn't warn you, it removes the bootsplash and all the installed themes directly. So think before you type ;-)

(password) uninstall
# if you want to remove the script itself:
rm /usr/local/bin/